Quest Platform — Alpha Leak 💊

Introducing Quest Platform ✨

  • Record Member’s Contributions by issuing Badges that add to a member’s Web3 Reputation.
  • Badges get added to Community Profile, which evolves based on Members’ Contributions to the Community.
  • Reward Community Members based on badges they hold by setting up Quests for them to complete.

How it Works

Community Profile — Live Now 🔥

Quest Dashboard

Create a Badge

For Users

  • Reputation-based Decision Making for DAOs — Quest enables DAOs and Communities to move from a plutocratic way of making decisions based on the number of tokens or NFTs held by a member to making a more meritocratic way, based on member contributions. Based on badges held by a member, they can be onboarded, given access to vote, delegated tasks
  • Identifying Top Fans for Creators — Quest can be used to identify Creator’s top fans based on platform-agnostic, on-chain interactions and reward them with exclusive access or other perks.
  • Reputation in DeSo, Gaming & Metaverse Platforms — Quest Protocol can be used to power Player and Avatar reputations by storing and updating characteristics.



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